HOT! JBlend (3,95MB) JBlend from HTC Mega. (fullscreen,local installation)

t9 Stuff (WM6.1 Standard)

t9 (554KB) !Warning! highly experimental. Please report feedback or suggestion.
t9 (462KB)
t9 Danish (399KB)
t9 (399KB)
t9 (379KB)
t9 (390KB)
t9 Finnish (437KB)
t9 (393KB)
t9 (498KB)
t9 (459KB)
t9 (393KB)
t9 (399KB)
t9 (427KB)
t9 (387KB) (fixed? please report. pm me @XDA)
t9 (404KB)
t9 (450KB)
t9 (444KB)
t9 (392KB)
t9 (399KB)
t9 (377KB)
t9 (471KB)
From others:
t9 Greek-English (377KB) Contribution by NiTroGenious@xda-developers
t9 Chinese by karhoe (4.28MB) Contribution by karhoe. Includes font, editor, LDB... everything. karhoe created it, tested and reported that it works.

T9 Editor:
T9 MyWord.rar (51KB) - DSF@xda-developers post it on t9 thread. Personally I don't use it but if someone does here.
Install one of t9 language and just unpack it to Windows folder.
When You push * for a couple of second (while in text editor) in T9 Settings will appear My Words option.